Dyno & Tuning
Engine Management Details


Below are a list of our basic services. If you require work that is not listed below, please call us at 918-461-8951 and we’d be glad to speak with you regarding your project in order to provide you with more accurate pricing.


Labor Price

Honda/Acura Axle Replacement $90/ea
Suspension Install  $250

Honda Motor Swaps D, B, H, F, and K Series 

Call For Pricing

Oil Change *Fluid & Filter Prices Not  Included

Starting at $20


Dyno Rental & Tuning

By showing up with your car for a Dyno Tuning Appointment you understand and agree to the following….

Dyno Tuning Agreement (originally from Joe@Locash Racing)
Our job is to tune your car, not fix everything that is wrong with it. If you come to an 
appointment with a car that is not working properly you may be asked to leave depending 
upon the severity of the issue. If the problem is minor enough to be fixed at the shop 
during the day, we can fix it, but NOT FOR FREE. You wouldn’t work for free and 
neither should we! 

We have had so many bad experiences with customers coming for tuning that have cars 
that are just not ready. This results in having to spend the majority of the day fixing 
mechanical/electrical issues, and not spent tuning the car. 

Make sure the car has ABSOLUTELY NO LEAKS OF ANY KIND before we strap it down on the dyno.

Tuning does not resolve all check engine lights, be sure to check codes and resolve them!




3 Dyno Pulls with Wideband



Dyno Rental



Dyno Tuning


Requires purchase of Hondata or AEM tuning system. (see below for further details)

Dyno Tuning


(see below for further details)

2 hour minimum required on complete tunes or retuning.  If touching up a tune due to small changes ie. intake manifold, throttle body, header, exhaust then tuning rate is per hour. Changing motor internals, installing turbo or supercharger kits require complete retune (2hr minimum).

Engine Management Pricing 

We are the ONLY authorized Hondata dealer in Tulsa!  Hondata will not deal with anyone other than an authorized dealer!

S300 Features & ECU Compatibility
$495 As is uninstalled
$625 w/ Customer Provided P28 or P72 ECU
$750 for S300 Installed on a P28 or P72

FlashPro Features & ECU Compatibility

K-Pro Features & ECU Compatibility
$690 Customer Provided ECU
$900 w/ Compatible ECU

ALL Thermal Intake Manifold Gaskets
Applications & Heatshield Information